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We will be closed June 27th thru July 6th.
Wishing all of our customers a safe and Happy July 4th!

2013 Readers' Choice
Best Italian Restaurant

2014 Readers' Choice
Best Italian Restaurant

2015 Readers' Choice
Best Italian Restaurant

2015 Readers' Choice
Best Restaurant in Middletown

Artisan Italian Meals

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This Is Hospitality

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Our family restaurant is filled with traditions and delicious food. Since 1951, the Boffa family has been serving generation after generation with hearty Italian meals. Our founders, Antonio and Antoinette Boffa, opened a small Italian restaurant on the corner of Railroad Avenue and East Main Street. As time went on, our business grew into what is today known as the original Tony Boffa's Restaurant.

He is now semi-retired from the business, and it is run by his children and grandchildren. What was once a one–man operation is now a 25–30-manned ship.

Mr. Boffa and family want to thank you for your years of loyal support and welcome all of you who may be joining us for the first time.  Eat family-style in our traditional dining rooms, or order out to have a home-cooked meal, without toiling over the stove all day.

You’ll find Italian cuisine, that pair well with our fine wines. Stop by and enjoy meals that are hearty, meaty – and made with love!

Live Music on Friday and Saturday Nights!

Where You're Treated Like Family

Live Music on Friday and Saturday nights!