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One of the greatest passions of Tony Boffa is to see
families together enjoying his food. Thousands of
customers have enjoyed Tony's thick pasta sauce for
over half a century in his restaurant. Now, Tony and
family want to bring our traditions right to your home.
It's our way of bringing families together. We guarantee it. Buon Appetito!

Tony Boffa's Homemade Sauces is available in 24 oz. jars (Ala Voda, Meat,Tomato and Marinara). Simply heat and serve over your favorite pasta.

Tony Boffa’s Famous Homemade Tomato and Marinara Sauce is
now available at Tony Boffa’s Restaurant.

$6.95/ 24 oz. jar $5.95 (5+, 24 oz. jars) at restaurant Only